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solar ceiling light

Product Description:

                                       Solar street light manual




Solar ceiling light advantages:

1. One ceiling with 2 small ceiling lights for indoor ,solar panel is for outdoor, wire is more than 5 meters.
3. Environmental friendly: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;
4. Safe: fireproof and explosion-proof;
5.Auto turn on at night time and turn off at day time.

7. Long lifetime:led chip more than 80000hours .Working time more than 30hours in save mode each day,support 3-5 days continual work at rainy days.
8.Each light with one remote controller for setting up work time  and turn on/off.



1.This solar ceiling light with Imported high lumens LED chip.

2. Lamp housing is high-quality ABS material .

3.High efficiency monocrystalline solar panel, conversion efficiency up to 17%.
4.Quality LIFEPO4 battery or A Grade lithium batteries
5.Working temperature -20 to 60 degree
6.Warranty 2 years.
7.Ip65 waterproof

8.The power we have 30w.





Solar ceiling light work way:


Turn on/off with remote controller ,3hours/5hours/8hours each day for options.

mode 1 is motions sensor ,full bright if any one moving ,otherwise 30% bright.Mode 2 is full bright if any one moving ,otherwise power off. Mode 3 is half bright ,sensor doesn't work. Mode 4 is full bright ,sensor doesn't work.







Solar ceiling light benefit analysis:

Cost only for solar light one time.Never pay for power. After 1 year  light cost get back.






Solar ceiling light is widely used for home and indoor place.






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